Preview – Asbestos The Dark Arts

A practical and informative no-nonsense guide to improving asbestos management. From history overview to more in depth look at regulation and how to comply. This book combines years of asbestos knowledge with it all simplified and made easy to understand.


Asbestos Kills!

Asbestos kills. It kills a lot of people in the UK and all over the world.

This book has been written from the two authors’ perspective as professional asbestos consultants with a view of cutting through all of the complicated elements that surround asbestos and its management.

The chapters are packed to the brim with information and asbestos knowledge gleaned from over 30 years collectively as asbestos consultants in the UK.

The book can be used as a quick reference guide to quickly help you bring your asbestos management in line.

For those that want the quick answers, each chapter has a bullet point section, which summarises the chapter’s message.

For those that not only want to ensure asbestos compliance but also want to genuinely educate themselves further, there’s lots of information laced throughout this book.

#BONUS ITEMS = Getting Stuff Done

Additionally, as well as all of the information, there are several “Getting Stuff Done” tasks and exercises throughout. These will help you understand your asbestos situation and where you are with compliance.

There are various sections within this book that suggest the use of consultancies and contractors over a DIY approach.

It would be easy to say it’s for the generation of work for the authors’ businesses. However, it’s simply not the case. These opinions have been formed from a combined experience of 30+ years in the asbestos industry. The information and opinions come from a background of always providing impartial and independent advice.

The idea of this book is to cut through a lot of the over complicated elements that surround asbestos, not to become an overnight expert in every aspect.

There are elements that cannot be simplified and made easy and elements that require certain things to achieve them such as accreditations and licences.

This is where consultants and contractors always come in. This book will help you achieve getting the right people on board, so you have an Asbestos Power Team behind you to assist you with your asbestos management.

It’s the dutyholder’s job to have enough knowledge and competency to manage these external contractors to ensure they are working fully in line with your asbestos management goals.

Ian and Neil have picked up the pieces so many times. That’s why it’s important to get help for any of the areas you are unsure of or not fully competent in.

Get the right team on board and use them to their fullest to ensure your asbestos management is bulletproof, so that you can rest assured your time and money is spent wisely keeping people safe.

If you’re still unsure about any element of your asbestos management, there is a section at the back of the book whereby you can contact us for a complimentary asbestos audit.

You now have everything in your power to step forward and proactively manage your asbestos, but if you want help in removing your asbestos headache, we’re also here to help you further.

Easy To Understand

This book has been written with the end user in mind. Cutting through the technical jargon in an easy to follow language.

Pictures and Graphs

This book contains lots of pictures and graphs to help you understand and remember all of the useful points

Quick Reference Guide

Each chapter summarises the message allowing the reader to confirm and review the main points of the chapter.

Free Downloads & Bonus Info

Bonus materials and free downloads supplement all the asbestos information contained within this book.