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Over 30 Years Combined Knowledge of The Asbestos Industry. The faces behind the book.

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I’ve been in the asbestos industry since 2003 and I can’t get away from it. If I’m not working around asbestos, I’m reading articles about it, writing articles about it, training people about it, I’ve even got pictures of it on the walls in my house. This passion of mine has given me the knowledge and experience to help clients whatever the asbestos situation maybe.
Neil Munro - Author

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I’m an asbestos geek, I started in the asbestos industry in 2002 and have carried out all manner of jobs in the industry. It’s an affliction as once you’re in the asbestos industry it’s rare that you leave, but I love it! I really enjoy assisting people to move from a place of headache to asbestos freedom.
Ian Stone - Author